Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hay Ride

Tonight Stella got to go on her first hay ride. She had a great time! The hay ride took us to a pumpkin patch were Stella and Dad picked out some pumpkins to take home and carve. Stella also had a good time following all the older boys around all night and was nice and tired by the time we got home! (Not sure why the photos did not post in order) Stella at the pumpkin patch.

Stella with Colby and Casey on the hay ride.

Our Family before the hayride took off.

Everyone on the ride before we left.

Stella following Conner at the pumpkin patch, he did not want to be caught, hugs and kisses were not his thing!

Daddy and Stella trying to find the perfect pumpkin.

Could you say twins? Stella is looking more and more like her daddy each day!

Colby fell asleep on the way home, pumpkin patch wore him out!
Stella rode home on Clint's lap, he was her buddy!

Stella trying to pick up all the pumpkins.

Jason looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve.

Daddy, I found the perfect pumpkin, its green!