Thursday, April 24, 2008

Those Darn Ears!

Today we went back to see Dr. Cadle. Stella is still not 100% back to being herself and we wanted her to look at the ears before we head out of town this weekend. Jason thought he could be the Dr. and look in Stella's ears. She was not having it, she knew he was not the real Dr.
I carry a bunch of toys in my bag to the Dr. office knowing that I will have to keep her entertained while we wait, I have no clue why I do this sense I can just hand her a pack of baby wipes and she is happy for hours.

Dr. Cadle had just walked in the room, she loves her some Dr. Cadle. Stella is over the ear infections so that is good, she just has a little fluid left on her ears but that should go away! Hopefully we will have a better baby in the next day or so.