Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kids 2014

What a wonderful weekend to be at our lake house, to enjoy being with family, to go to Silver Dollar City for one last visit before Christmas. It was a great weekend to look at my little family of 5 and realize that we really are blessed in what we have in one another. I really wanted a picture of the 3 kids for our Christmas cards to send out to family, cause of course I am not a planner and like to wait to the last minute to do these things. I thought that telling the kids if they would be good then we would be off to SDC to ride rides and look at pretty lights. It was not as great of a motivator as I had thought it would be for them! These are what I got of them, I was kind of disappointed until I sat back and realized how great they show each of their personalities. 

 Cy you are such a joy. You are a sneaky one, you love to find a chair and move it to make it were you can reach all things, locks are not a deterrent for you, they are a challenge. Cy you are a hurricane around our home, you have a t-shirt that says "I'm the reason we don't have nice things" it could not speak the truth any better. I see many years of broken lamps, windows, furniture in my future but all of that is worth the amount of laughter, love, joy you bring to us each day. Cy you give the greatest bear hugs, the sloppiest kisses, the best smiles, say the funniest things. You bring smiles to each room you enter, we are so blessed to have you in this family.
 Stella, I love you so much, I know that you are at a tough age right now. You are so sure that you are big kid but I want you to stay my little kid for just a little while younger. You are growing up so fast, I am so not ready for some of the conversations we are getting ready to have, I feel so unprepared for moments with you but with all those shaky fist steps that we are taking with each other I grow so much more in love with you, my first baby, my only girl. Stella your daddy is so not ready for the days and years ahead because you are growing into such a beautiful lady, you are well mannered when with others, you have a loving and caring heart, you want to help at every turn. I love to sit back and listen to you read a story, you read with such enthusiasm and such passion, I love the way you turn every story into a play in our living room. Your love of math blows my mind, you totally get that from your daddy and pretty soon I will no longer be able to keep up with you. Stella you are so strong and so smart, we have had some rough moments in the past year but from those rough moments I realize that not only are they making you a stronger better lady but they are making me a stronger person. I hope you know that being your parent is a great joy, a blessing getting to watch you grow into the lady you are becoming.

Rhett the Lord truly had a plan when he put you in the middle, you are just what the Dr. ordered for this wild family, you are the peace in the craziness. You love to be on the go, you love to be running and jumping, to be outside. Rhett, I don't think there is really anything that you don't like to do, well, I take that back, you hate to sleep! I promise you when you are a teenager and you want to sleep all day, paybacks are coming my dear son, I love you. You are so laid back about life, you love to learn at school, you love your friends, you are so go with the flow but don't get me wrong with that red hair on your head you can throw down with the best of them, when you get upset, world needs to watch out! I love watching what a strong man you are becoming, I love the kindness in your heart, your joy in the small things in life, I love that you still want to cuddle and hug with your mom, I know that those days are growing shorter so I am trying to soak them up. Rhett you are going to be such an amazing person, it is an honor to be on this journey with you. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birthday Parties

This weekend we got to have a blast at I and N 's birthday parties. First was soccer party followed by a gymnastics party. The kids had so much fun!!