Monday, March 31, 2014

Jan. Feb. March phone photos Cy

Cyler Ward you are one hot mess! You keep us on our toes and make us laugh so hard. Cy loves his big sister and brother, he wants to do whatever the big kids are doing. Cy is a great sleeper, it takes a little to get him to sleep but once he is a sleep he sleeps all night. Cy loves to eat, he really likes snacks more than meals but getting better at eating meals. Cy goes to school 2 days a week and loves it, he actually gets mad at me on the days that we drop Rhett off and he has to come home with me. 

 Cy has had his first visit to the E.R. just a liittle glue to the head to hold the cut together.

 We call Cy "Hulk" all the time because he does stuff like this, tore all the foam off the sides of his car seat while driving over to OK for a birthday party!

 Cy loves to sit on the potty he just hasn't figured out what to do once on it.

 Cy loves to put on the big kids shoes and walk around the house, this time he had on Stella's Uggs and it was pretty funny.

 Nothing better than putting vasoline in his hair!

 Cy loves his blanket, it goes with him pretty much every were, it is always in reach.

 Cy has discovered that Rhett's four wheeler is better and faster than his, he loves to ride on it with no fear!

Jan. Feb. March Rhett from my phone

Rhett is growing up so fast. He is my little love bug, he will cuddle with you all the time. He is still a really bad sleeper, up several times a night with night terrors, now he has started sleep walking which is a real adventure in the middle of the night! He has started allergy shots and I can not believe how much they have improved all his sinus issues and just all around he feels so much better. He is learning so much at school, he can now spell his first name and knows his address. He is really funny about clothing, by far the pickiest about what he will and won't wear. He hates jeans or any pant that is not a sweat pant. Rhett keeps us on our toes, you never know what he is going to say and it always makes us laugh! We love this kid and are so blessed to call him our son. 
Gotta love those lashes!
The allergist has these awesome games in the waiting room that make getting shots each week way better.

This happens pretty much every day after school! We have to wait in the car rider line for Stella and it just puts him out.

Rhett is such an awesome big brother, Cy wants to do whatever he is doing.

Rhett always falls a sleep if you play with his hair, hair cuts put him to sleep, it is the funniest thing ever!

Have I talked about how much energy this kid has, he goes and goes and goes, one of his favorite things is the trampoline!

Rhett stands in the sky light of my car most days waiting on Stella to come out of school, when the kids come running out, he starts screaming her name and waving his arms, to make sure that she sees us! I am sure that she loves this being done!!