Monday, July 29, 2013

Tampoline of Death

I started a bad bad thing but at least today I made them wear swim suits, I thought if for some reason we might have to make an emergency run to say the ER it would be better if they were not in their underwear! I love watching them play and have fun. 

 Rhett is a flipping maniac! He does this over and over and over again!

This little guy is not yet ready for the trampoline but he does now enjoy being outside and walking around. He does not enjoy our dog Max's tail, it is the perfect height to smack him in the face.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Fun!

To be honest this was not one of my safer things to do with the kids but it was a spur of the moment, mommy is at the end of her rope, daddy is working late, they need baths, this will make them happy and give me a moment of them not fighting, so it was a win in my book. I put the sprinkler under the trampoline and let them have at it. They thought it was the coolest thing I had ever done, Jason thought it was now the trampoline of death! I will admit that I almost grabbed a bottle of soap to just finish off the job of bathing them but thought better of it, I mean, I did not want to do something dangerous, that would just be way to slippery! Needless to say, Rhett now begs for the water to be turned on under the trampoline every day, I have started a very bad thing. 

 Do you see those smiles? I say this was a fun evening full of laughter and memories.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Boys and Dirt

I was walking through the house and could not find either of the boys, I knew I had heard the back door open and close but not a big deal, Rhett runs in and out all the time. I was more worried about not finding Cy. He is still not a huge fan of our dog, Max, his tail slaps him in the face and he does not like it at all. Cy also up till this point has not been a huge fan of walking on the grass so to my surprise I found him running around the back yard playing with Rhett. It made me so happy to see them so content to just be with each other playing in the dirt. So, yes, both of my boys are pant less and shoe less, and both in need of major baths but they are so totally happy. What more could you ask for on a warm summer night, boys and dirt always make for big happy smiles. 

 I love that Cy is looking to Rhett and copying everything that he is doing. Rhett is turning out to be a wonderful big brother.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Daddy's Helper

 Rhett loves his daddy, he wants to do everything that Jason does and I love it! I love to watch the two of them doing things together. Jason is an amazing father to our children and the example that he sets on a daily bases is one for the books, he shows them in so many ways that he loves them no matter what happens in life. Jason also shows them such a great example of working hard for what you want in life, not just for big things but even for small things. Jason is great about letting the kids get out and help him with projects because how else are they going to learn these kinds of work ethics if we don't start now, it also teaches them to take pride in our home because they had a hand in making it a home to be proud to call home. This weekend Jason and I decided to tackle the flower beds, they needed to have the weeds pulled, some plants needed to be planted and then we needed to add a ton of mulch. I pulled the weeds, Jason dug the holes and planted the plants, and Jason, Rhett and I put out the mulch. I think Rhett had a blast being outside and helping his daddy. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 3 on the Lake

It was another great day on the lake. I have to drag my kids back to the house each day, they would never leave the water if we did not make them which I love that they are such great water baby/kids. 

We had a mini birthday celebration for the kids while we were with the Griffin-DeJong group because they were not able to be with us for Stella and Cy's birthdays and probably won't make Rhett's so the kids got to open presents and have some new stuff to play with while we were at the lake. Thanks everyone, they loved their new stuff!