Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 11 Phone Photos

 Gigi stopped helping with the unpacking process to have a tea party with Stella, not sure who enjoyed it more, Stella or Gigi.
 Fill the tub up and turn on the jets, it will keep him entertained for a good 30 minutes

 Took Cy to the Dr. and Rhett joined us, he was getting on my last nerve, he looks so sweet but under that is a mastermind of "drive you crazy"
 Jason, trying to scare all the women at Wal-Mart at 11PM at night
 Trying on some new clothing, those are suppose to be a short but they fit at the waiste, umm Gigi we need you to do some alterations!
 Cy got his 10 month photos done by Mr. Luke at he always does an amazing job and look a that chunk of a body!
 Some amazing bed head
 Trying to make heads or tails of the toys, I have hives just looking at this photo because it pretty much still looks like this at the moment, this is the moment that Jason realized that building storage was the first priority in the new house.
 Took all three kids to the grocery store by myself, it was a big list, it took an hour and half, I did not half to scream at anyone very loudly and everyone made it out alive, this calls for a treat for all of us!
 Stella was told to put her babies away before nap time, she did not listen, he enjoyed himself, she threw a royal fit when she woke up, we all just sat and stared at her till she was done, should always listen to your momma!

 took the three kids on a walk, I'm the only one that actually did any walking though! This is a double jogging stroller that has some how turned into a triple! Pretty sure this is not how it was meant to be used.

 This only happens for about an hour each night.... I am very tired.
Cy is all about his daddy, OK, all three kids are all about there daddy. It's a good thing he is such a good one other wise I might get jealous.