Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2 phone photos

This is Rhett waiting "patiently" on me to feed Cy so that I can do whatever it is he wants me to do for him!

Ummmm, Stella is not allowed to pick out her own clothing yet, pretty sure this is why!!

Taking Stella to school and Rhett was not in the mood for it, the boys were still in PJ's and bed head.

Cy thinks he might be ready to crawl, I don't think so mister!

Some one is having her favorite meal, chicken noodle soup

I love looking back in the car and seeing those little feet just kicking and bounceing

His moods switch faster than a teenage hormonal girl at times, happy, to pouting, to running around in less than two minutes

Ugg, why does she look so grown up, look how long that hair has gotten