Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lazy Day

We had a pretty lazy day around our house today. Jason took these photos of Stella in our bed, I am pretty sure he did it to make fun of me, I am normally on two devices at once. watching TV on the computer and playing a game on my nook or texting with someone on my phone. Well, it seems that our daughter has learned from me how to multi task, watching a movie on my phone and coloring on the nook! 

 Stella is now at Gigi and Papi's house getting ready for her first road trip with out mom and dad. My cousin Morgan is graduating from high school this week and they are taking Stella to cheer her on, I'm a little sad that my baby girl is going with out me!
 Rhett will say that he wants to hold Cy but then before he does he changes his mind and does not want to hold him, well, this evening he actually held Cy for the first time!
Of course, he was over it all pretty fast!