Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am very behind in blogging and have not really given any updates lately as to the kids and what is going on. I have broken the main lens to my camera and we have to send it off to get fixed, I can use my other lenses but they are a lot more work and I have just been lazy and not taken nearly as many pictures. I like to blame it on the monster growing in my belly so hopefully as I am starting to feel a little better I will get more photos up on here but for the time being this post is probably going to bore most of you but it is more to help me remember this time in our lives.

Stella is now 4.5 years old, I can not believe that my baby girl that was such a chunk is now growing so tall and slender. She is very much a first child and still just as strong willed as ever. She will always be my child that pushes the rules to the edge to see just how far she can go before getting into trouble. She also does not care what anyone else is doing, she is going to do what Stella wants to do. She is still very out going, not afraid to go up to anyone and speak with them but at times she likes to act shy. She has the best smile and the biggest tears! She loves her brother and is such a good big sister but at times likes to annoy him, but isn't that what siblings are suppose to do? She has become a big helper around the house, she has started making her bed in the morning. She is also very proud of the fact that she can put on her shoes on her own most of the time. She is her own person and wants to do her own thing and very strong willed but at the same time she wants to make people happy, gets upset when she thinks that others are hurting and sometimes has a hard time understanding when she is being teased and can end up with her feelings being hurt. I am loving that she wants to cuddle more and more with me. I am pretty sure that she is getting ready to grow again on us, she has been an eating machine as of lately. I think that if I hear the terms, my tummy is rumbling I am going to scream! I can not have enough food in the house right now to keep her going. We have pretty much stopped taking naps, she does go to her room and have some silent time for about an hour each day, about once a week she sleeps but we have had to move bed time up other wise our evening would be horrible!
She is going to school three days a week and I have to say it is going great! She looks forward to each day, loves the kids in her class and loves her teacher. She actually tells us all the time that she has a boyfriend in her class named Gabriel and they are getting married and going to have babies, this often makes her father growl and more hair turns gray each day! I have been so impressed with the art work that she brings home from school, she is really getting into coloring and has started doing such a great job of staying in the lines (when she wants to). They are working on letters at school and it just amazes me the way she recognizes letters, words that start with the same letter and the sounds that letters make. She loves reading books. She loves school so much that when I pick her up early she gets very upset with me. It makes me really happy that we made a good decision last year when we moved the kids school. ling.
Stella is in dance once a week and loving it! I do not know what she loves more about it, the tutus, the shoes, or seeing her friend Lauren each week. I have been very proud of her in they way she actually doing what she is suppose to be doing. There are moments when she likes to pretend that her legs are broken but you know the princess has got to get some attention!

Rhett Samuel is all boy now at almost 27 months old. He is growing into a tall, red headed boy. He is only 4 inches shorter than his sister and almost caught her in weight. You can tell that he is a second child.  He can pretty well go with the flow, take a morning nap some days have an afternoon nap other days. Rhett is very laid back for the most part but every once in a while he will show his strength, most of the time it is with his sister. He is learning ways to get her when she is being ugly with him, as of late he has been biting her but mostly he just tells on her! His speech has improved so much in the past couple of months. I can pretty much understand everything that he says, other people have trouble at times but it is still so much better. He is a climber and a jumper, there is no mountain to high for him and he has no fear of falling. You can never put things to far back on the counter cause he is going to get them! I do not know how he keeps growing because he never eats! He drinks so much milk, around 40 to 50 ounces a day if not more. I can not get him to eat meat, he will put it in his mouth and chew it up then spit it back out. He does love apples and fruit, cheese pizza is always a big hit for him. I have started giving him some protein drinks once a day to make up for the food that I can not get him to eat. I know that it is a faze and will get better in time, just worry that he is not getting enough iron and other important vitamins. He is full of smiles and laughter but at the same time when he gets mad you had better watch out, he has a temper that most people think that I am fibbing about. We started potty training last week and he is doing great! I am still in the the stage were I ask him a lot but he goes on his own also. We still have some accidents but am thinking that by Christmas he will be 100%. Rhett loves to color, loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, reading books and riding around bikes or anything with wheels. He loves his sister, but I think he is enjoying our two days alone time while she is at school.
Rhett is in school one day a week. He is doing great! I laugh because his teacher always tells me how wonderful he is and never gets in trouble, I am sure he is not an angel but when he knows he has been naughty he gives her his cute little innocent smile and gets away with murder. He loves doing art work at school, mostly painting! He has a friend at school that he always ask to play with on his days and would be very sad if he was ever not there.

Baby #3 is looking good. We are 15 weeks into the last pregnancy.  I went to the Dr. two weeks ago and the heart beat was 150 beats a minute. They thought everything sounded great. I am still having some tummy issues but they are much better than what they were three weeks ago. I love apples and eat them all the time. I figure that is not a bad thing to be eating a lot of. We will find out the sex of the baby the last week of Dec. I can not wait because Jason will not even talk about names until we know the sex.

Well, that is it for now!