Sunday, December 25, 2011

and a Merry Christmas was had by all!

 My kids, I love them, bed head and all, waiting to come down stairs to see if they had been naughty or nice in good ole Saint Nick's eyes this year.

 Coming down
 Oh, how she loves her some fancy nancy ballerina!
 Does this book have a tutu on it? It must be for this girl!
 and he was done after he saw this, who cares about the forty other presents under the tree, this was the MOST important one!

 OK, well, the other trucks and cars were pretty cool too.

 Calico family and more was in heaven!

 Dress up clothing so that he can stop wearing princess dresses!
 My two men sound a sleep after a good meal and lots of running around.
This photo is so funny, I asked Stella to try on her new clothing to make sure it fits and she goes "Mom I don't have to try it on, see it fits" and procedes to lay down on top of it!