Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week at the Beach

We have been at the beach all week and had a wonderful time. My parents, Aunt Mel, Mallory, Morgan, and all of Brandi's family were there and it was a great time of sun and laughter.

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Me and my kiddos

S&R 258

S&R 259

Stella made a friend one evening at dinner, they were really cute playing with each other.

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S&R 266

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S&R 116

S&R 130

S&R 143

Someday she will want to kill me for this photo but I love it!

S&R 173

S&R 179

S&R 194

The beach was just to much for these two, they were passed out!

S&R 002

S&R 006

No one is going to get a sunburn in our family with Jason around!

S&R 022

One of Brandi's Uncles found a crab in the ocean and Stella was very into watching it move around.

S&R 036

S&R 048

S&R 066

S&R 094

Mallory and Morgan were great at playing in the sand each day with Stella and taking Rhett out into the water.

We had a wonderful week at the beach!