Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Day 4

Today Papi and Jason were suppose to take the kids on a whale watching excursion while Gigi and I got massages but that did not work out. Jason woke up this morning not feeling on top of his game, anyone that knows Jason knows that he has a very sensitive tummy to say the least! So, I ended up going with Papi and the kids on the whale watching excursion. It was a lot of fun, and we even got to see a momma and her baby.

It was funny, Papi and I are both very laid back people, just kind of go with the flow, well our boat was about and hour late in leaving and we were about 2 hours later getting back than we thought. It was not a big deal to Papi and I BUT it was a big deal to Jason who was getting ready to send out the Mexican Coast Guard out to look for us! (I did not even know that there was a Mexican Coast Guard!) My poor mom had to deal with his panicking that we were not back, Sorry Gigi! The funny thing was that at one point Papi looked at me and said "I bet Jason is freaking out that we are not back" I did not even realize how late we were because I was not wearing a watch. When we were walking up to the resort I see Gigi sitting on the steps and was like "Why are you not at the beach?" Poor thing she was on duty of looking out for us while Jason was getting the coast guard! Sorry everyone for the stress we were just out having a good time!

Grumpy Stella!

Rhett feel a sleep about 2 minutes after we got on the ship and slept for about an hour and half, poor Papi was stuck holding him!
OK so these people in the sail boat are out of their minds to be that close to the whales but then later there were people out on wave runners! I was happy on my large safer ship.

Could not believe how close to shore we were while looking at the whales.

The other thing that happened while we were gone was that we got moved to new rooms because of some issues that had happened the night before, we had an amazing views.
This was the playground that was just outside our rooms. The kids had a great time on it each day.