Saturday, November 13, 2010


WOOOO PIG SOOOOIE! Jason, Stella, and I got to freeze our booties off and attend the last home game of the Razorbacks. (Rhett got to stay nice and warm at Gigi and Papi's house) It was a really good time and really nice to spend a little one on one time with Ms. Thing. Pretty sure Rhett enjoyed his one on one time with Gigi and Papi just as much! The game was fun but not the most exciting, we were winning by a pretty large spread so, at half time with went back to the house with everyone else to watch it by a nice warm fire! Stella eating her hot dog, she thinks that anytime you attend a sporting event it means that you get to eat a hot dog.
Giving Daddy some love. (please ignore the fact that she has food hanging out of her mouth, GROSS!)
Sitting on Mr. DW lap. It is fun seeing her sitting on his lap and chatting with him because he is one of my dad's best friends but my good friend Erin's dad. I have spent many hours in a car with him chatting as a little girl. Our families live about thirty minutes apart but he worked in the town that we lived, on Friday evenings after work he would stop and pick me up for sleep overs at his house. Those little drives would give us a chance just to chat and hang out. It is now fun to see my daughter having some of those chats with a very nice and sweet gentlemen.

Did I mention that Barbie got to attend the game with us? No, she was not cold at all in her swim suit, I do not even know why you would ask such a silly question. I mean we had to put some sun screen on the poor girl because she was going to get a sun burn at the 6 PM game and 40 degree weather. I do not know why anyone would think that this was odd or why her father was just shaking his head at us.

When we got back to the house, Stella took Rhett for a ride on the rocking horse.