Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was Stella's first day of soccer. I really thought she was going to do great, she was so excited all morning. Well, it was a different story once we arrived at the fields. (I have to remind myself that she is just three and that all of this is normal but at times it is frustrating to me.) I do think that as out spoken Stella is and how big her personality can be that new things do freak her out just like they would any other little girl. I do think that once we go back each time it will get better and better just because it will become familiar to her or at least that is my prayer.

That being said we are in the little kicker program, for all of fall they will just work on skills and then in the spring they will be divided into teams and play some games. I like that they are really focusing on teaching them the skills instead of just throwing them into a game and telling them to kick the ball. They have three different skills that they worked on today, each one for about 15 minutes and then they would rotate, at the end they played red light, green light. I think that red light,green light might have been her favorite part of all of it. We started off pretty well, she was listening and stretching out her muscles like the coaches were telling her to do.

They let her be the first to go in her group and dribble the ball to the goal, she did very good and have her coach a low five.

This is were the problem began, she sat down to wait on the other kids to take their turns and decided that she was tired!
The ball made a great pillow, maybe mom should not have given her that benadryl before practice!
She did wake up to cheer for her team mates when they did good. I have to say I was proud of her for being a good sport.

Then we went tot the second rotation and she decided that she did not want to do it at all, she was going to nap! I do not know who was more disturbed by this Jason or my brother who had come to watch her .
We tried everything that we could think of to bribe her into doing the other drills but it just was not happening.
At least Rhett and Gigi were having a good time hanging out and watching.

Oh yes, the last two minutes of practice she got a burst of energy (or her father threatened to beat her) and did the red light, green light drill.
That is the little soccer player that I thought I would be seeing finally coming to life.
Oh dear, we are tired again!
but dad said there was hot dogs and ice cream, we will run for that!

Yes, it was a very long hour for Jason! Hopefully it will get better.

This evening we went over to Gigi and Papi's house and watched the Razorbacks win another game! I do love a good football game. The kids had a really good time and when we got home they were ready for bed.