Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today we went to the lake house for a celebration of my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. They had a lot of there friends and then our family was all there. It was fun to see everyone and catch up.
Sam and Mary with their cake.
Everyone that was at the party
Our family
Sam and Mary opening up some of the cards that friends brought them.
Rhett was tired and I think that Gigi was going to take a nap with him but it was just to much going on for him to go to sleep.
Sam and Mary with Sam's brother and sister and sister in law
Great Aunt Ruth and Great Uncle Clarence
Sam and Mary-the happy couple.

Stella needed her photo take
Gigi finally got Rhett to sleep out on the porch swing. It was a little warm but it worked.

**I am adding this because it happened this evening after I posted this post. Jason is the bath giver in our house, he will get both kids in the tub and let them play and hang out while I have a few minutes to get things done. Well, tonight I was in our bedroom and hear from the other room "Who pooped in the bath tub? Stella did you poop in the bath tub? Why would you poop in the bath tub? Dear Lord, stop going so I can get you on the potty! Rhett, do not touch the poop!" Yes, all of these statements came out fast and one after another. Then I hear Jason screaming Lindsey! At this point I know what has happened and am just rolling in laughter with tears streaming down my face. I respond that bath time is not my job and I will see you when the kids are clean. He then ask me how to clean it up. I do not know I have never had a kid poop in the tub before this evening and thank goodness you are the one that is going to have to figure it out! While Jason was cleaning the tub out, Stella is sitting on the potty and says "Wow Daddy, that was serious!" I love that this happened to Jason and not me, it was just so funny because he was freaking out so over the top.

** I