Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today was such a great day! I have not really said anything on here about this because I never want Stella to look back at this and feel that she was a bad kid but we have been going through a major rough spot with her behavior. She is not a bad kid by any means, I think that one of her teachers said it best, Stella lives her life very much out loud, she does everything in a big way. When she is naughty it is an all day larger than life event, but when she is happy it is the most amazing thing to watch. She lives life big and it is a beautiful thing to watch but at the same moment exhausting.

Well, today was just an amazing day. We played outside and she only had to go to time out one time! She was just so happy and so much fun to watch. Which also made for a great afternoon because she took a wonderful three hour nap. The nap made for a great night, we even went out to eat with Gigi, Pappi, and Grandpa Sam and there was no fuss, no drama. I can not tell you what a great day we had and how much I just praise the Lord for letting me see a light that things are going to get better.
Rhett is 8 months old now, he has two teeth on the bottom and you can see all four front teeth right under the gums just trying to make an entrance.
Stella got to wear her new hat today from my Aunt and cousins. She loved it and wore it all day, even out to dinner.
I can not tell you how much this smile makes me happy, we have not seen a lot of it lately.

We had a picnic outside and Rhett got a hold of the cheese wrapper. I am telling you that everything goes in this little mans mouth.
Sorry, if this photo grosses any one out. Yes, she is spitting and right after this was taken she turns to me and goes"I spit like Uncle KyKy" very proud of herself. Thanks Uncle KyKy for all the wonderful things you teach my daughter. Just remember someday you will have children and I will pay you back!
She decided that she was going to be a photographer also.

This is funny, when Rhett is sitting down she will go and just sit right in front of him like he does not exist.
Well, Rhett thought I will show you and gave her a big bear hug!
The facial expressions are so funny. It is like he is trying to be mean and she is just like laughing at him.