Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tonight I got the kids dressed and we were heading outside to go for a walk when it started to rain. We went for a car ride to get some ice cream instead. Jason is in California, he has been there sense Sunday evening and will not be back until late Friday night. I thought a little ice cream treat would be good for all of us. Stella loves ice cream and will make wonderful faces to be able to get it, nothing better than bribing your child.

As I talked about earlier Jason is out of town and we are winging it on our own. It has gone OK for the most part but today, was not a pretty day. Stella has pushed every button on me and then re-pushed them. I love that little girl but we are going through the motions of trying to figure out who is more stubborn. I am going to win, she just needs to figure that one out for herself. She has done some major screaming today and served some major time in her bedroom. We are starting to come to an understanding I think.

Stella is also wanting to wear panties and does not want a diaper on her. This is wonderful, would lover for her to wear panties and be done with diapers but there is one problem. Stella does not want to go potty on the toilet. She would much rather go on my floors. There is only so many times I can pop and clean up tee tee off my floor before I lose my mind.

Now here is the best thing that she did this evening. I am on the phone with my cousin and jumping for joy because she is telling me that she is going to attend the U of A next year, when Stella walks out of my room with clump of her hair in her hand! I am about to freak out, OK, let me be honest, I did freak out! Got off the phone and looked at the damage. It was a small chunk of hair from the front but she only left about two inches. On a good note I already had scheduled her for a hair appointment tomorrow. I am pretty sure that the damage can be fixed but all the same, SHE CUT HER OWN HAIR!

Life of raising a crazy 2 and half year old girl, just got to love it.


Connie said...

I think you are doing an amazing job! I'm waiting on the big "hair" moment to happen in our house far so good. :-) But I think it's a little girl/mom thing with the attitude because Lauren does not give Kraig the attitude she gives me...oh well I think I'm just being paid back for the attitude I gave my mom too! We all survived. :-)