Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sprinkler Fun!

Friday evening Stella and I got to have so much fun. I got Stella this new sprinkler/beach ball and we took it over to Gigi and Papa's back yard to play. I have to say it might have been the best $12 I have spent all summer! She had so much fun and did not want to stop playing. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a little mess!

This is a prime example of what a mess my little girl has been lately. These are the wonderful toy boxes that Jason made for her to hold toys in the living room. She thinks that it is fun to take all the toys out of the box and sit in them rather than actually play with her toys. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Week!

OK, so everyone knows that last night was a little crazy around our house but pretty much every day has been crazy around our house it seems of late. I do not know what has happened but Stella has just turned into the energizer bunny and keeps going and going, no one is able to keep up with her. A prime example of all of this would be this morning. I went in to check on her this morning at about 9 because I had not hear anything from her, I got scared really fast because she was not in the bed were we had placed her the evening before and not on the floor anywhere that I could see, her new favorite place to sleep for some reason. On further inspection of her room she was behind her chair in the corner sound a sleep. Anyone that has seen her room knows that had to have been a very tight squeeze and I have no idea when she moved to this location through the night. 

Sense Stella was still asleep I decided to go ahead and take a shower and get ready for the day because we has some errands to run later on. I am guessing that while I was in the shower Stella woke up and decided to get her own breakfast, Pop Tarts. Yes, she now can not only reach the snacks but someone (Gigi, not to name any names) has taught her how to open items using her teeth, such a great thing. Needless to say said pop tarts were smeared all over my table, chairs, floor and cabinets! What a joy. (Oh, and for those that are going to get on to me for feeding my child pop tarts for breakfast, I do not feed them to her for breakfast, I feed them to myself!)

 I then proceed to get all of this cleaned up to only turn around and realize that some were Stella has found a pen and is "coloring" all over herself. Well, isn't that great. I take her in and clean her up and get her dressed for the day so that I can then get dressed for the day. I turn on some cartoons in my bedroom and put her on the bed with the thought that she can not get down from my bed because it is to high and she will be trapped. Yes, I am bad mom of the year that was trying to trap her child on the bed and entertain her with cartoons just so that I could get my hair dry. Well,  just so you know that does not work anymore because we can now dive off the bed, yes, I said the word dive because that is exactly how she did it. I just went with the fact that she was on the ground and free and tried to finish getting dressed to maybe be able to run a couple of the errands I needed to get done today. 

I was only in the closest for a moment to grab a shirt and turn around to see Stella with a razor in her hand and blood coming from her mouth! She was not crying or freaking out just standing playing with blood pouring out of her mouth and onto her clean outfit. I try wiping off her mouth and can not get the blood to clot, I then remember that she had fallen and we had taken her to the emergency room  because we could not get the cut to stop bleeding and they had use nasal spray to get the cut to clot. I ran to our medicine cabinet and grab some nasal spray and sprayed down her lips. After a few tries I was able to get it in the correct spot and cleaned up.(Yes, this is my helpful hint of the day, nasal spray is great for cuts in the mouth area to make them stop bleeding.) We then had to go to her room change outfits and spray and wash the dirty one. 

We were then all loaded up in the car by 11:50 am. Sad to say this was just the begging of our lovely day. I realized as I was driving that today was only Wed. this is going to be one crazy long week ahead of me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poison Control

Yes, it has been one of those days. Stella has been all over the place and trying to keep  up today had just been a little nuts. Needless to say Jason and I have learned some very important information. One thing being that our daughter now knows how to open the  child proof lids on the medicine bottles, how my 22 month old daughter can do this with no problem and half the time I am unable to do so makes no sense. Second that a 22 month old child can take up to 150 mg of Zyrtec with no side effects according to the very nice lady at poison control this evening. The two 10 mg that Stella was able to consume before we realized what she had gotten into would just make her a little sleepy! Needless to say we have no relocated the medicine in our house and none will be left out on the counter going forward because little hands can always manage to reach what we leave out!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Farm

Sunday we got to take Stella up to my grandparents farm for the afternoon. Talk about one happy little girl. She got to run and run all she wanted, she also loved the dogs on the farm. She was not so crazy about the horses but we will be working on that, I am sure with time she will be begging to take ride after ride just like I was as a little girl. Jason and my dad had to do some yard work for my grandfather but Stella and I just got to enjoy being outside. I think that my grandmother is probably worn out, it has been a while sense she has had to chase a little one around the farm. It was a really good afternoon had by all and we had a very tired little girl on our way home. We love you Grandma and Grandpa Sam. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Touch a Truck

Today we took Stella to Touch a Truck. She had a pretty good time but the motor cylces scared her to death! (This made her dad feel good that she would probably never date a biker, little does he know a lot can change in the next 16 years.) She loved getting to drive the UPS truck and checking out the Rogers Fire Truck. Stella also got her face painted with a pretty flower for the first time.  She thought this was pretty cool. We got to see Aunt Gracie for a little bit but she was working the event and we did not get any photos with her.