Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of my memories as a kids growing up was popcorn, my grandfather loved the stuff and as a kid when I was at his house he would always share a bowl with me at night, my father is also a big fan of popcorn and I will always remember going to sporting events and sharing a bag with him, good memories. Well, for those of you that do not know Jason, my husband, hates popcorn! He thinks it is gross and will not share a bag with me and hates for it to be popped in the house. On Sunday I was not feeling so great so he gave in and let me pop some popcorn and we found out that Little Ms. Thing likes herself some popcorn! I am going to be able to share my popcorn with her and watch movies and sporting events, Jason is just going to have to deal with the stink! (We deal with his stinky issues, he can deal with ours!)

15 Months

I took Stella to see Dr. Foster for her 15 month check up. He said that she looks like a very happy healthy little girl. She is now weighing in at 27 & 1/2 pounds, she is 32 inches long, so maybe she is not such a "little" girl! She has moved down from the 115% group to the 100% group. She is talking all the time now, most of which we can not understand but the worlds that we know are mama, dada, popi, gigi, hi, bye, puppy, she can also show you were her nose, belly button, and toes are located on her body! She also learned yesterday how to growl like a tiger. My little girl is growing up!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dinner at Gigi and Papa's

Jason is out of town this week, so Gigi and Papa have been helping take care of Stella and I while he is gone. We got to go to their house for dinner tonight but first we played outside with Gigi. They had gotten Stella a new swing for the porch at their house and she really liked it. One update for everyone Stella got one of her first molars in this week!
Stella was helping Gigi and I hang the swing. She really is a good little helper.
She really did like the swing, you will notice the tears because I am a mean mom and tried to take her sassy away from her! We have had a lot of tears this week with that molar working into place.

Gigi and Stella going to see the puppy.(Cooper)
Looking for the puppy.
Playing with the puppy, being very rotten!
I am a big girl now, I can get up these steps all by myself!
OK but I get tired so I will let Gigi give me a helping hand.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Phone Calls

These are the kind of things that happen when I am on the phone and not paying attention. No noise equals bad things! At least she was having a great time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Puppy Love

Stella was given this puppy last night by Mrs. Melba and she loves it! She has not been feeling 100% this afternoon all she wants to do is drag the puppy around the house with her and love on it. Thanks Mrs. Melba for a wonderful gift!

Flower Headbands

Hey! These are some of my latest creations. If anyone is in need of a flower headband because you know that every little girl needs one, just get in touch with me. All of the headbands pictured below are $12.


I am really excited because my friend Cheryl just did this wonderful painting for my bedroom and wanted to show everyone just how great it looks! She did such an amazing job and I love it. Thank you so much Cheryl!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing with Friends

Friday evening the Pianalto's invited everyone over for a cook out. It was a lot of fun and the first time that we had all of the babies in one spot at once. They all played really well with one another. (sorry, photos are out of order) Stella with Smokey the camel.

Lucius and Gabe, talk about looking like his daddy!
Stella was in love with Mrs. Connie, she wanted nothing to do with mom.

The Fields ladies, Brooklyn is the youngest of the bunch but sure trying to keep up with everyone.
This is Stella's new face, she is making it all the time and I have no clue why.
Lauren and Stella looking at the camel and cows. Lauren is three weeks older than Stella and they get along really well.

Casey playing puppets with Stella. It was a puppy so of course she loved it.
Colby looking stunning in Stella's bow. His daddy would have a fit if he had seen this!
All the babies playing!

Lauren, being very seriuos with the toys.