Thursday, April 24, 2008

Those Darn Ears!

Today we went back to see Dr. Cadle. Stella is still not 100% back to being herself and we wanted her to look at the ears before we head out of town this weekend. Jason thought he could be the Dr. and look in Stella's ears. She was not having it, she knew he was not the real Dr.
I carry a bunch of toys in my bag to the Dr. office knowing that I will have to keep her entertained while we wait, I have no clue why I do this sense I can just hand her a pack of baby wipes and she is happy for hours.

Dr. Cadle had just walked in the room, she loves her some Dr. Cadle. Stella is over the ear infections so that is good, she just has a little fluid left on her ears but that should go away! Hopefully we will have a better baby in the next day or so.

Who said you need to sleep in a bed?

I know that this will be hard for people to believe but Stella has not been a bundle of fun this week. She has been very cranky. She has decided that she hates her bed and will scream for hours if you place her in it. She does however like to sleep on the couch or floor. This is a photo of Stella sleeping on her blanket bed in the living room floor. The only place she like to sleep or nap at the moment. Jason is so glad that he spent so much money on that bed for her to decide that she hates it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Helping with the firepit

Landon and Jenn went with us to the Lake house this weekend. Jason and Landon were putting together our new outdoor fireplace. Stella really wanted to help the boys put it together but they did not seem to want her help. She had a dirty diaper and had to be changed and then the boys would not let her back outside. She stood at the window and doors with a really said look on her face.
No matter how many times I would take her away from the door she always went back to watch them.
They finally got finished and let her come out and swing with them. That was one happy little girl.
I think that Jenn may have to watch out, my daughter is after her boyfriend.

Saturday at the Lake House

We went to the lake house this weekend and these are some photos I took of Stella on the deck. She was having fun being outside crawling around until Jason pointed out that she was scraping up her foot on the wood!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cayden and Payton

Cayden and Payton came to play today. Stella was taking a nap and I snapped a few photos of the two girls. They are such good girls and so much fun to watch. Cayden always makes me laugh when she is over. Payton has the prettiest eyes, she is also almost walking!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Those yucky ears!

Well, today we got to go back to see Dr. Cadle. Stella has not gotten over her ear infections. They have now put her on some new meds and hopefully this will get rid of all the sickness. I am ready for Stella to being back to her normal smiley self. These are some photos from Dr. Cadle's office today while we were waiting.
Trying to keep Stella still in the Dr.'s office is totally impossible. She thought that if she was still she might fall asleep and them she might miss what is going on.
As you can tell in this photo Stella is not real happy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

TV time with Daddy

Jason worked from home today. Stella wanted to hang with him on the couch. She was showing dad what her favorite shows to watch were.

Stella was really not into me taking her photo. I think that her thoughts where along the lines of, "Get out of my way lady, I have some channels to surf before Dad takes the remote from me!"

Practice Walk

Last night Stella practiced her walking on her Daddy's feet.

She Later thought it might work better to use her Lion, Stella was letting Daddy know she liked this better than his feet.

Stella on the move.

Plop! Stella is tired, done with the walking business for now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bath Time

One of Stella's favorite things to do these days is take a bath.

She loves to make big splashes and to get dad as wet as possible. The nice thing about bath time, it makes us sleepy and ready for bed!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cooking with GiGi

Today after church we went over to my parents for lunch. Stella got to play with her GiGi in the kitchen after nap. GiGi was making snacks for her bible study that evening and Stella was being her big helper. (She chewed on the spatula)

Birthday Party!

Saturday we took Stella to Cayden and Payton Smith's birthday party. Cayden was turning 4 and Payton was turning 1. The party was a lot of fun. Cheryl did a really great job planning the party and it went great. Lots of presents to open and lots of little kids to watch the show.

Cayden showing off one of her fabulous new outfits.
Parker looking like the little stud!
Payton enjoying her first birthday cake.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My ears hurt!

My ears hurt is what Stella has been thinking this past week but I just did not know that was what was wrong. It took her waking up Thursday night at 1 with a 102 temp for me to realize that this was not teething it was something more. Friday morning we made a crazy call (yes I was feeling a little crazy, this was our first temp) to the Dr. and got in to see Dr. Cadle. Dr. Cadle walked in and knew instantly that Stella was sick, all you had to do was look at her little face and you knew. Needless to say Stella has ear infection in both of her ears! Yuck! This does explain the sleepless nights that we have been having lately. Stella has been put on some cough meds and antibiotics and is feeling much better.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Playtime with Payton

Payton came over today to play with Stella. They had a really good time with each other and once Payton went home Stella was worn out, I think that we need to have Payton over more to make Stella take such a good nap!

Dinner Time

Ok so dinner time has become very interesting at our house. we have been trying to get Stella to eat more and more solid food. This is turning into a very large mess! (Hopefully none of these photos gross you out to much)

Dirty face

I use to see kids in Wal-Mart and think, "Gross clean your kids face, how hard is it to wipe off their face?" I now have one of those kids with the gross face and understand all those parents. No matter how many times I wipe off her face she is always getting into something and dirty! I send my deepest apologies to all those parents that I turned my nose up to at Wal-Mart.


Stella is becoming my little helper. everything that I do she wants to do, the other night I was trying to get laundry folded and she thought she should help me! Needless to say I was folding things three times before I was able to put the clothes away.