Sunday, March 30, 2008

Papa and me

While at the lake house this weekend we had a party for my grandparents (Stella's great-grandparents) birthday. After all the guest had left and we were cleaning up Stella and her Papa thought it would be best to take a little rest. Stella loves her some time with Papa.

Weekend at the Lake House

We spent this weekend at the family lake house. This is a random photo of Stella but she just looks so serious and this does not happen very often.
On Saturday morning I had put Stella in the living room floor to crawl and play with some toys so that I could cook breakfast. I looked over and could not locate her. This is how I found her, standing up behind the couch looking out the window. It was raining and I think she was saying "rain, rain go away and come back anther day!" ( I of course thought everyone would enjoy the shot of those pretty "little" thighs)

Stella did love the windows at the house this weekend. Everytime we turned around she had pulled herself up and was looking out them.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

9 months

OK, I am shocked that I am saying this but Stella turned 9 months old this week! My little baby is turning into a little lady. We took her to see Dr. Cadle on Friday afternoon for her check up. This was a fun visit because it did not include any shots! Of course, Stella loves Dr. Cadle and all of her nurses, they think she is wonderful with all of her smiles. Dr. Cadle said that she looks great and is developmentally right on track. Dr. Cadle says that she thinks when we come back for our 1 year appointment that Stella will probably even out and be in the 75 percentile across the board. She is just going to be a tall little lady. These are our stats as of right now:

  • weight: 23 pounds 4 ounces- This puts us in the 90 percentile

  • height: 28 1/4 inches long- This puts us in the 95 percentile

  • head: 18 inches- This puts us in the 75 percentile

  • 2 teeth, working on # 3 this week

  • crawling, standing up, walking along the furniture, anything she can find being placed in her mouth

  • hair growth is about an inch long now (Anyone have a wig we can borrow?)

*will post photos later, we are at the lake house and unable to do so here

**As you can see in the photos Jason was having a blast at the Dr.'s office!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a really good Easter, Kyle (my baby brother) came home from school for the day and we went to church as a family. We also went to lunch with the Walker's, they are wonderful family friends (Their daughter's are the same age as me and my brother and we have all grown up togethor) and we have always had Easter lunch with them for as long as I can remember. I love these lunches because I get to catch up on what is going on with Erin and Jennifer.

*OK this was not a great photo of the family but it is the only one that we took at lunch, it was cold outside and we all wanted to get inside! (Stella was ready for a nap)

Yesterday afternoon we go tto see Jason's family. His Aunt and Uncle were coming through town and they got to see Stella for the first time. We all went out to eat and got to catch up.

After diner we went over to mom and dad's house so that Stella could have her eater basket and chair. I am sure that she is going to love me some day for putting those ears on her!

Whenever we are at my parents house her favorite spot to be is on her Papa's lap.
Stella and her Gigi making faces and having a good time.
I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their family and friends! Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

This is such a cute little chair! It is what the Easter Bunny is going to give Stella instead of a basket full of candy! I thought we should test it out and see what she looked like in it, when I did that she fell out of it. Which has left a goose egg on her head and a bump by eye. This is going to look really good with our photo with the easter bunny this afternoon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lessons Learned

Lessons I have learned this:

1. A crawling baby is nothing to be excited about, it is amazing the things that they can find and get into. Two days ago when I left the room for 5 seconds and Stella made it from across the room to the fireplace while I was gone. I came back to find her in it with the rocks from the bottom of it in her mouth and both hands. GROSS! Even grosser, yesterday while I was in the shower and she was playing on the bathroom floor. I came out of the shower to find her with the sticky bug trap that the bug man leaves in random spots, in her mouth! (I guess I will be changing my shower time to before Stella wakes up from now on.)
2. Never give your child two containers of fruit and apple juice at diner because you just realized that you were out of her veggies. This equals 3 horrible diapers and bath time! (I am not even going to go into details on this just know that I will never make this mistake again! It was bad for Stella and me.)

So, these are just two more lessons that I have learned in my path of being a parent. Thought I might put it out there for anyone that has not discovered these things just yet and save them some of the grossness!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nap time

Today I walked in to check on Stella while she was napping and could not resist snapping a few photos. Don't we all wish we had a teddy to cuddle in our sleep.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunny Days

I do not know about anyone else but today was wonderful outside! Alison and I got to take the kids to walk at the Rogers mall instead of the Fayetteville. Stella loved being outside, the whole time she kicked her feet as we went along. She also made new friends with all her big grins. We stopped at one point to feed Gabe and I got the camera out to snap a few shots. Of course, Stella has her sassy in her mouth, life is not good unless you have a sassy. She is now trying to share her sassy with mom and dad, I think she wonders why everyone does not walk around with a sassy in their mouth they are so wonderful!

This is a photo of Gabe, he was eating his bottle if you can not tell! (For some reason I can not get the picture to turn so you can see it better.) Gabe is such a cute little guy and such a good baby. He is going to be a lady's man when he gets older!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A day with the dogs

Stella loves to play with our dog Max, she thinks that all of his toys are wonderful. He does wonderful with her because if I was him and she was tugging and chewing on my ears I would want to snap her head off but no her just sits there and takes it. Stella also thinks that it is great fun to play with his toys bu the moment he thinks of playing with one of her toys she gets a huge attitude as you can see if the photo.(I am not sure why she has the hood on in the pictures, I left the room for a moment and came back, she had pulled it on herself. Of course, you probably did not even notice the hood because you were so focused on her amazing thigh muscles!)

We went for a walk yesterday evening and Stella had a blast! These are a couple of snaps that I took before we took off.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a day!

I woke up this morning to the sight of pretty snow! I tried to capture how pretty the sky looked but I did not want to get cold (I do melt you know) so I was taking it through the window, not the greatest photo but you get the idea. Stella and I had a nice warm morning in the house but this afternoon we had to run some errands and get the oil changed on the car. Just so we are all clear taking my 8 month old to the car dealership was not my idea but my husbands. NEVER AGAIN! Do you know what it is like to sit in a dealership with your baby for 45 minutes, you do not want her to touch anything and all she wants to do is touch everything and put it in her mouth, so gross! Needless to say I was done after that, who cares about errands that need to be done, we came home, took a little nap. Tonight when Jason got home he changed Stella's diaper and left her in just her diaper. Well, these photos are what I walked in on, I think that it is time to go up a size in diapers! You will also notice all the toys around Stella but the thing that she loves the most is the remote to the TV. OK, so here is the best news of the day, STELLA CRAWLED TODAY! So, it was only to her sassy that we kept moving away from her and just about three inches but still the hands and knees moved in the correct order. She crawled, I am such a proud mama. Check with me later when she is actually moving all over the house I might not be so excited but today let me live in my happy/excited bubble. It was a busy day and I am now ready for bed.