Wednesday, February 27, 2008

8 months

Stella turned 8 months old yesterday! I can not believe that time has flown by so fast. I was trying to think of what life was like before we had her and I can not even begin to remember. Yesterday was a day of first for us. To start it off Stella was scooting around on her belly and went into a sitting position. She has been able to sit up on her own for a while now but that was the first time she had pushed herself into a sitting position. She also had apple juice from a sippy cup for the first time. She really liked the juice but was not so sure about the cup. We went and meet up with Alison and Gabe today. While we were walking I put Stella just in her stroller instead of using the carseat in the stroller. This way she was able to see were we were going instead of just having to stare at me. You would have thought she was the queen and everyone had come out to see her. She was smiling and waving at everyone that we passed. I am in so much trouble when this one starts to talk because she is going to want to chat with everyone. GiGi got her a baby doll last night, Stella thinks that it is wonderful, wonderful to bite on its face. (not looking so good for any future babies that we might want to have, she is going to bite off their faces)